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Code of settlements


ATTENTION! Settlements of players will not receive an official status until further notice. Sine die.
Current player settlements retain their official status as long as the occasion does not arise under the Code of settlements, leading to a loss of the status.

Code of settlements is designed primarily for the founders of settlements and residents.

The rest of the players may content with reading the section 4 of the Code - Acquisition of private lands.

Code settlements functions as a Adventure, and the creative worlds, but with some differences mentioned in each case.

Rights of settlements with official status

Official settlements are entitled to the following:

  • Definition of the architectural style and decor, that doesn't violate the rules of the world;
  • Acceptance of the players as the residents and expelling them at the discretion of the settlement authorities;
  • Installation of the portal gate "Settlement - Spawn";
  • Settlement's own portal to the Nether (survival worlds only);
  • Major public mines with its own design (survival worlds only);
  • Mining pits: clay, sand and gravel (survival worlds only);
  • Acquisitions of solo players' lands;
  • Private settlement chat channel, not available to the rest;
  • Municipalism - your own law, order and development, that don't violate the rules of the server;
  • Change or destroy any settlement buildings, including the private ones, with the permission of the head of the settlement and without asking the game Master;

Conditions for obtaining the official status

2.1. Two active players-founders (or one active player in creative world).
The active players who played at least three times a week for two hours in the last two weeks (since the foundation date).

2.2. Each of the two founders must own some land (at least one per person) with a complete apartment house on it, and one public building for two (for example, a town hall, a church, a shop etc.). Moreover, all buildings should be located nearby - on a street or square.

Please consider the total number of lands for the settlement! For each resident there can be a maximum of:

  • 8 residency lands
  • 8 urban lands
  • 2 plot lands

To increase the number of lands, invite other players to the settlement.

2.2.1. Option for experienced players in Midgard only:
Instead of a street or square with houses the founders can build a castle or palace with the total area of at least 12 lands excluding town/castle walls or other enclosure. In that case, an equal share of built-up lands should be owned by each founder.

2.3. At least one separate land for the gates to the world Spawn provided with a free space to install the gate 5x5x5 (only for survival worlds).

2.4. Around the whole territory of the future settlement should be a margin zone of wild lands with a width of 1 land - the future settlement border.
If this border land is adjacent to foreign players or any foreign lands are inside the oncoming settlement, then their future status is determined by section 4 of this "Code of settlements" - Acquisition of private lands.

2.5. Fee for the official status: 1000 marks (only for survival worlds).

2.6. The money is for the claim of all lands of the settlement. Claim is the transformation or joining of any lands to the settlement. Cost of a claim is 18 marks for each land (survival worlds only).

Procedures of the official status registration

3.1. If all the conditions for obtaining legal status are met, the head of the oncoming settlement needs to apply for in the forum section "Obtaining an official status".

The applicant should specify the following:

A) The world, coordinates and the name of the future settlement in English.
- The name must not be explicitly similar to an existing name of the server's settlements;
- You may not use the real names of well-known localities and geographical locations (New York, Grand Canyon, Moscow and the like);
- The title can not contain isolated words meaning "a settlement", such as "Cobble City" or "Polis"; but allowed the traditional suffix meaning "a settlement", such as "Bridgetown", "Pleasantville", "Brandenburg" and so on.

B) Unique settlement tag has to be one to four Latin characters and is used in chat and server commands. A tag is a shorthand designation of the settlement, and it is best to play upon the name, eg "Bridgetown - [B] or [BRIG]".
Note: You can afford several tag versions for the Game Master to choose from, or completely leave it at his discretion. In any case, the Game Master has the right to set the tag, guided by considerations of tag availability or correctness or to avoid any confusion.''

C) Player nicknames:
- Separately: The nickname of the future settlement head and his approximate online playing time;
- The list of nicknames of other founders, where the main co-founder should be marked.

3.2. If there are near-border lands whose owners are not willing to join the new settlement (or the head of the settlement did not agree to accept them), the owners of such lands should leave their petitions in the corresponding forum topic within one week (application for official status).

3.3. After filing an application there's one week to wait for players' petitions (it is possible to accelerate the process, if you talk to the neighbors and report their decision in the forum topic of the application), and then waiting for the decision of the server team.
An application may be rejected in the event of non-compliance with one of the conditions, or if the architectural value of the oncoming settlement is considerably inferior to the private buildings at its borders, and the owners of such buildings do not agree to join the settlement.
If the application is approved, it is recommended for all owners of the settlement to be online on the day of the establishment.

Acquisition of private lands

4.1. The settlement with the official status has the privilege of acquisition of private lands that at on the border or inside of the settlement (as a result of the settlement foundation or expansion), provided that the land owner and the head of the settlement have not been able to negotiate peacefully. Peaceful negotiations in chat or forum are mandatory.

4.2. Land acquisition of players who posted the notification of absence in the forum (section "Vacations"), should be postponed until the expiration of such notifications.

4.3. The procedure for the acquisition and compensation:

4.3.1. The head of the settlement should left the following announcement on the forum in the section "Acquisitions of private land":
- Subject: <Settlement title> acquires lands from <date of filing the announcement>.
- Message: Coordinates of all acquired lands, with the names of their respective owners.

Note: The complex buildings (located and built on several lands) should be acquired only entirely, detached parts of the complex construction can not be acquired.

4.3.2. For a new settlement, the announcement must be submitted no later than one week from the date of submission of an application for official status.

4.3.3. Within seven days after the announcement, the head of the settlement or an authorized aide should conduct peaceful negotiations in a general chat or forum with the owners of the lands.
Possible goals of peaceful negotiations (one or more):
- Voluntary entry to the settlement and gaining the residence and adjoining the lands;
- Compensation for the lands without granting a residence;
- Relocation of the loner to another place where the settlement will not acquire his lands.

If the owner of the lands has not been online for more than seven days, or ignores the negotiations, the question of acquisition is automatically resolved in favor of the settlement.

4.3.4. If the peace agreement failed, but the loner believes that his lands have an exceptional artistic merit, he can write in the forum topic "Land Acquisition" a petition on his creation (with the obligatory indication of coordinates) to be moved to another location. The Server Team or the Game Master of the world will consider the petition within one week from the date of announcement and make a decision.
If the petition can be satisfied, then the Game Master moves buildings, and the settlement authorities pay to the owner of the lands the compensation of 54 marks for each acquired land and immediately buy vacant lands.
The Server Team or Game Master may also decide to relocate the valuable buildings without any petitions- at will, in which case the settlement is also obliged to pay to the owner the compensation amount of 54 marks for each land.
If the petition was not filed or was rejected, then "land clear" operation is made (the cost of land is compensated and all items and blocks are transferred to the Vault for the loner player, and the land is regenerated), and the vacant lands should be immediately bought by the settlement authorities.

4.3.5. The petition to relocate will be rejected and compensation for land acquisition will not be paid if:
- Lands are unbuilt (incomplete construction);
- Any creations from the [[Regulations of the architecture|Stop-list]] are located on the land;
- Lands are used in a way that violates the Rules;
- After applying for official status or the announcement of the acquisition, the new built creations appeared on the land;
'''In these cases, the lands are confiscated and handed over to the settlement for purchase without buildings on them.'''

4.3.6. All kinds of compensation payments from the settlement should be paid before the start of the acquisition and/or relocation. In the creative worlds the compensation is not paid, and the lands are only transferred or removed.

Loss of official status

If there are less than two active players left in the settlement, or the head of the settlement is absent without any notice, then in 21 days after the discovery of this situation, the official status of a settlement can be lost, with all his rights and privileges. The Server Team or its designated Game Master behave with a settlement in their sole discretion, up to removal.