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1. Spells available for mages and combat classes.
This mage gets a new spell at levels 8, 16, 24 and 32; and fighting classes at levels 24 and 32.

2. To cast a spell, the aim (the cross on the screen) should be targeted on the mob or the player, but there are spells that are sent to the block or to the player himself.

Every spell consumes a certain mana amount.
Mana is self-restored. For all classes except for Mage, the mana regeneration rate is 1% per second, and the complete mana recovery is in 1 min. 40 sec. For Mage, the full recovery is faster - 1 minute.

In addition, the Mage has a special feature - on each attack (if hit) he drains a little mana from the enemy, although there is a little chance that this will not happen.

Most spells have a pause when used, the experienced players known it as the cooldown pause. You should consider this while using the spells.


Self-targeted spells:
Just type the command:
/spell <X>
    where X - is the name of the spell. For example, "/spell invuln".

Aimed spells:
Aim the cross on the screen on the mob, player, or block, depending on the type of spell. Then type the command: /spell <X>
That's it. If you have enough mana, the distance is acceptable and the target didn't run away, the spell will work.

Of course, if the target is mobile, this method is not convenient. Therefore, we recommend to use key shortcuts. Assign a key or combination to spell which is available to you. And then it will be enough to aim the cursor and press the key (or key combination). It's easier than archery.

Spell types and properties are described in the following table:

[img /images/Reference/spells.png /]