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About the role-playing system

As for classes - all factions (human [[Warrior|Warriors]], [[Werewolf|Werewolves]] and [[Vampire|Vampires]]) are can choose between seven classes:

- [[Class Farmer|Farmer]]
- [[Class Miner|Miner]]
- [[Class Forester|Forester]]
- [[Class Defender|Defender]]
- [[Class Scrapper|Scrapper]]
- [[Class Archer|Archer]]
- [[Class Mage|Mage]].

Each class has 32 levels. For certain actions you gain experience points, which gradually increase your level.
These levels are not just for "leveling". They're bloody useful. Upon reaching a certain level, you get a substantial bonus.

[[Bonuses of all classes]]

Combat classes - a Scrapper, a Defender and an Archer - add you damage strength, armor damage absorption and power of shots accordingly. In addition, combat classes have special spells.

Non-combat classes - a Miner, a Farmer and a Forester - develop the effectiveness of the best professional tools, as well as provide an additional amount of mined resources (eg, a miner can get more diamonds from one block of diamond ore and mines any ore faster than other classes).

A Mage - is the only class that can deal with enchantments and potions, but the magical products are available to use by everyone.