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Player's base commands

All commands can be bound to the client's "shortcuts", i.e. the keys or key combinations.

Remember, by far not all features are available as commands, much is being done directly in the game in other ways.


* /online - online players list
* /pm <nickname> - personal message; Note: You can type only the first letters of the nickname, if other players online don't have nicks beginning with the same letters.
* /reply or /r - reply to the last personal message
* /ch <town name> or /ch <town tag> - town chat; Note: works only for the residents of this town.


* /kill - suicide (for desperate situations);
* /money - check your money balance;
* /money pay <nickname> <amount> - pay money to another player

Land plots (lands)

* /land info - display land information
* /land show - enable display of the current land borders. To disable, type '/land show' again, or type '/land hide'
* /land show my - enable display the borders of your nearest land. To disable, type '/land show' again, or type '/land hide'
* /land list - the list of your lands, with coordinates

* /land buy - purchase the current land;
* /land take - take a lease of the current land
* /land sell <price> - put up the land for sale to players for the given price; Note: The selling price shouldn't be lower than your purchase price;
* /land sell server - buy the land to the server instantly; Note 1: The selling price is the same as your purchase price; Note 2: The land can be sold to the server not earlier than 48 real-life hours after the purchase;

* /land toggle - toggle the land settings for mob spawn, lava and water, and also use of mechanisms for guests (not friends);
* /land friend <nickname> - "sign in" your friend to the land;
* /land friend remove <nickname> or /land friend kick <nickname> - "sign out" the friend from the land;
* /land friend list - show the friend list for the current land;

* /land protect - super-protection mode. Enable protection, begin to build by placing blocks, and disable thereafter. Only the land owner can break the blocks built in protection mode.
* /land unprotect - remote the protection from the block. Also use it to remove the default protection from signs and chests (for sharing with your friends).

The Magic beanstalk

* /stalk buy - purchase the Magic beanstalk (once and for all)
* /stalk - toggles: use beanstalk, or stop using it. Note: Required one free hot-slot (in your on-screen inventory slots).


* /tent buy - purchase the base tent
* /tent buy <name> - purchase other tent types (you can buy even all the types). Tent names are written on the signs at Traveler's Pavilion, Prime's town square.
* /tent - put base tent on wild land or your own land
* /tent <name> - put the given tent type
* /tent remove - if you don't want to return to your tent, use this command and the tent will be taken away (not removed, but "folded"). If there're some items in the tent's chest, they will be placed to the Vault.

Note 1: to fold the Trader tent, first remove all goods from the tent shops (stalls). Note 2: If you've placed a tent on wild land, and someone's purchased this land, then your items will be placed to the Vault, and you can get them from there at any time.

Private mines

* /mine buy Base - purchase the base mine
* /mine buy Industrial - purchase the industrial mine
* /mine buy Build - purchase the build mine
* /mine buy Rich - purchase the rich mine
* /mine update - update the mine with ores
* /mine remove or /mine delete - remove the mine

Note: the command '/mine update' also works for town mines or pits, but only the town major or his aides can use it for towns.

Role-playing system

* /hero paths - class names list
* /hero choose <class> - choose the class for your character
* /hero confirm - confirm your choice
* /hero cancel - cancel the class selection

* /hero level or simply /level - show current statistics for your class
* /hero verbose - enable/disable the messages on gained experience points.

* /party invite - invite someone to the team (to share experience points)
* /party accept - accept the team invitation
* /party who - information about the team member
* /party leave - leave the team
* /party /p (message) - in-team chat


/vamp infect <nickname> - offer to become a vampire for choice, without combat.

Mob Arena

For one player or two players.
Your inventory must be empty.
The Mob Arena is located in Prime, but you can enter from any place in the world, using the command.
Arena entrance is charged. The reward is paid for anyone who can stand for at least ten mob rounds. And small recognition gifts - for the rest.

* /ma join or /ma j - start the game at Mob Arena
* /ma leave or /ma l - leave Mob Arena (available at any time)
* /ma notready - list of participants, who's not ready for the battle yet (for arena team play)