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On LBB, there're some handy tools for travelers:



A tent can be placed in wild lands or private lands.

[img /images/Reference/base-tent.jpg /]
A base tent.

A tent doesn't take any space in the inventory. A stranger cannot open the door of a tent or break a tent.
You can buy several different tents, but you can place only 1 tent at a time.
To purchase the tent: "/tent buy <name>" (see tent names on the signes near the tent models in Traveler's Pavilion).
You can use the tent all the time after the purchase.
To place the tent: "/tent <name>", to place the base tent - just "/tent".
To remove the tent, just click on it, and all items will drop from the chests. If you're far away, just type "/tent remove", but all the chest items will be sent to the Vault).

The magic beanstalk

The magic beanstalk is an infinite ladder. You can place it at wild lands or your own lands.

[img /images/Reference/magic-beanstalk.jpg /]

Beanstalk has 10 segments, if you attach the last one, the the first one returns to you. There's no need to remove the attached beanstalk, it will disappear after 2 minutes and return to you.
You cannot loose or break the beanstalk. It doesn't take space in the inventory, but 1 free hot-slot (on screen) is required for using it.
To buy the beanstalk, type: "/stalk buy" (14 marks). You can use it all the time after the purchase. To pull out or remove the beanstalk, type "/stalk".