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Conditions and equipment

- You need to be a Mage of any level. Only mages are able to brew potions, but they can be used by everyone.
- You will need a brewing stand, bottles, water (well or cauldron) and various ingredients - netherwarts, magma cream, sugar, sparkling melon, ghast tear, spider eyes.
- It is advisable to stock up with potion modifiers, which are: fermented spider eyes, glowstone dust, redstone dust, rotten flesh, gunpowder.


First, you need to prepare a Primary potion that is a base for other potions.
Primary potions: "Elixir" ("Awkward Potion" in vanilla Minecraft), "Jeb Potion" and "Notch Potion".

Note to the curious: The last two originally called Thick and Mundane, but according to our tradition, they were renamed ironically because of the imbalance of these potions - one can only prepare a potion of weakness, but preparation methods are either too expensive, or illogical.
On the contrary, Elixir is the basis for the normal potions, although by itself has no effect.

Other ingredients are added to Elixir, and thus a potion is obtained.
And it's possible to add modifiers to the potions to change them or make other potions.


- You can make a splash potion from any normal potion by adding the powder. Throwing splash potions have the epicenter (the point where the thrown potion fallen) and the farther from the epicenter, the weaker and shorter is the effect of the potion.
- Not all potions work equally well both on the players and mobs.

Types of potions and features

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All recipes

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