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Playing Werewolf is harder than human, so it is not recommended for beginners to become a Werewolf.

Werewolf is a shapeshifter - an ordinary human in the daytime, without supernatural abilities (but resistant to Vampirism infection), and at night - a strong animal-like creature.
Being a werewolf is a curse, but some like a werewolf lifestyle and are able to take advantage of the beast inside.

Advantages of Werewolves

- A Werewolf is clearly stronger and more armoured than average player (more damage and defense).
- A Werewolf is completely anonymous in animal form: nobody sees nickname above his head; if you kill a werewolf - a nickname of the killer is not reported in chat; if you die in any way - your nickname is not reported also. Werewolf may reveal themselves in only one way - if says anything in the general chat - as seen by the rest of the players as growls or howls by some player.
- Werewolves do not die when falling from a height, do not burn in the fire and lava.
- The vampire can not infect a werewolf, even when a werewolf is in human form.
- Werewolves jump very high.
- Werewolves run faster than humans and vampires. In fact, one can escape from a werewolf only on a horse, and you're lucky if you never get stuck.

Disadvantages of Werewolves

- Werewolves can not carry anything in their inventory when in animal form. When the transformation is started at sunset, everything falls on the ground from werewolf's inventory, including armor and weapons. Otherwise, werewolves would be too good robbers.
- Werewolves can not eat in animal form. However, a werewolf will easily go through the night if fully satiated in the evening and not overusing acceleration (press "X" or double-click "forward")
- Werewolves vulnerable to iron swords, it's the best weapon against the werewolf. But like any weapon, damage strength of the iron sword depends on the enemy class.
- When a werewolf is saying anything in a chat, people and vampires do not 'understand' it, reading something like "Werewolf growls" instead of words. However, other werewolves see the correct words of their fellow. In addition, the werewolf can write a private message (/ pm nickname) to any player and he sees text correctly.

How to become a werewolf

There are two ways.

1. A fight with wild wolves.
2. A fight with a werewolf.

In both cases, there is a chance to become a werewolf. However, this is not guaranteed, otherwise the entire server would be full of werewolves.
If the curse was spelled on you, you'll know about it only the next night.
If you fail to become a werewolf, but you want to, just try again.

How to become a human

There is only one way: to prepare a "Werewolf Cure" potion.

[img /images/Reference/werewolf-cure.png /]

Healing occurs instantly.

General advice

1. Werewolf's best place to live is away from people. Your speed will help to reach a settlement quickly, and the chance to recognize a werewolf in you accidentally - is minimal in contrast to the town, for example, if you linger in the town square at sunset. Vagrant lifestyle is very suitable to werewolves, and thus having a tent is extremely important.

2. If you need a permanent shelter, it's best to build it up BEFORE you become a werewolf. Otherwise, you lose the night time as you can only build in daytime. It's not convenient.

3. It will be good if you have a constant supply of curing potions (one is recommended to make BEFORE the first transformation). Who knows when it may be needed to become a human again.

4. Try not to attack the enemy where you cannot jump often. Jumping and speed - are your very significant advantages, which in battle are better than strength.

5. Beware of the masters of combat classes (Defender, Archer, Scrapper).

6. Ideologic (not casual) werewolves are not burglars, they just like to run through the neighborhood, like young wild animal. However, if you are a natural burglar, you can go with people who will pick up the loot of your victims. In this case, there are some risks: first, the partner may cheat you or unveil your anonymity; secondly, in the case of a combat with a powerful enemy, you will be able to easily run away from the battlefield, but your human partner would probably be killed.

7. Try to unite with other werewolves - a few can resist a pack of werewolves in open battle, especially in open areas.