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The vampire is the most difficult supernatural being to play as - beginners are not recommended to become a vampire.

Advantages of Vampires

- Vampires - militant faction, capable of fighting with the [[Warrior|Warriors]], [[Werewolf|Werewolf]] and the other Vampires.
- Vampire much more stronger than human and slightly stronger than werewolf player.
- Vampires are ignored by mobs, if a vampire doesn't attack them first. If a vampire attacks a monster, all the surrounding monsters begin to attack the vampire. Moreover, if the vampire escapes and leaves the monsters alone, then the truce is restored after a while.
- The vampire can feed on the blood of humans, werewolves and vampires. The more damage, the more saturation (the hardest damage is obtained with weapons).
- Vampires do not die when falling from a height, can not sink, can not suffocate.
- A vampire is immune to the curse of the werewolf (both from wolves and werewolves).
- A vampire is capable of short flights (See below "Vampire Flight").

Disadvantages of Vampires

- Vampires burn in the sun. To protect yourself, you can use water, or at least one block above your head. Other light sources are not harmful to vampire.
- Vampires are vulnerable to wooden swords, it's the best weapon against a vampire. But like any weapon, the damage power of a wooden sword depends on the enemy class.
- Of all the food, not counting live players, the vampire can only eat rotten flesh. Chance of poisoning is the same as that of the other players.
- Vampires do not get bonuses from fighting classes ([[Defender]], [[Scrapper]], [[Archer]]), as vampires are already strong enough.

How to become a vampire

There are two ways.

1. Bring the victim to the Bloody Altar in the Hall of Two Altars in Prime. You will need 1 redstone dust, 1 bone and 1 sulfur.

2. Ask a vampire to turn you. What you need is a vampire close to you and entering the command '/vamp infect <yournick>'. You'll need to confirm your consent.

When you become a vampire, you get sick and eventually "die" as a person, in a game day (20 minutes). During this time, you'll have a yen for eating a bread, as it said in received chat messages. If you change your mind to become a vampire, just eat bread while sick, and you will be healed. If you are determined to - on the contrary, don't eat bread by no means.

How to become a human

There is only one way: to repent and sacrifice to the Repent Altar in the Hall of Two Altars in Prime. You will need 1 wheat, 1 sugar and 1 diamond. Healing is instantaneous. But the return to peaceful life will happen only after two real-life days.

Vampire Flight

Vampires are not birds. They are only capable of short flights.
A vampire needs these flights to attack a victim, or to escape from a fight.
Therefore vampire flight is short and involved with huge energy consumption, i.e.: suddenly descended, quickly killed and satiated.
To satisfy hunger after the flight, you can also use rotten flesh. So for combat operations, vampires are recommended to have at least 8-16 pieces of rotten flesh in their inventory.
You should also keep in mind that the Archer can knock you down to the ground while in flight.

How to fly?

1. Take a powder in your hand.
2. Right-click once. This makes a vampire to slightly raise in the air - it's just a taking off, and still not a flight.
3. Continue to fly, controlling it by cursor keys, "Space" (up) and "Shift" (down), as if flying in creative mode. Flight keys can be reassigned in the Control Settings.


Vampires have two limitations during the flight:
1. The relative height. A vampire can not fly higher than 10 blocks from the ground. However, you can land at the height and fly higher next time.
2. The absolute height. Vampires are flying at the world height 180. (The height coordinate is the lowest number under the compass on the screen).

Tip: to fly efficiently, learn to act quickly - right-click with gunpowder, and then "Space" while pressing "forward". So it is possible to fly quite a far distance until your saturation is exhausted (for example, to cross almost the entire Bridgetown by distance).

General advice

1. Vampires encouraged to make one or more shelters closer to the Warriors and werewolves - that is, to the "food". In general, the tent acts well as a shelter, but then you lose the whole day. And in a permanent shelter, you can do something during the day, for example, to set up the interior.

2. The best is to built a shelter BEFORE you become a vampire. Otherwise, you lose the light day, and can built only at night. It's not convenient.

3. It will be good if you can find a treasury with a zombie spawner - you will have an endless supply of rotten flesh. By the way, a zomby spawner is an excellent basis for the establishment of Vampire settlements.

4. Do not rely only on the vampire powers, use whatever is available to you - armor, weapons, horses, potions and enchantments.

5. Attack the enemy where he is not comfortable at, for example where there are a bunch of monsters (who do not touch you). By the way, you can enable mob spawn at your own land, and they will help if some uninvited guests meet you in the yard or in the house.

6. Beware of a master of combat classes ([[Defender]], [[Archer]], [[Scrapper]]) and a pack of werewolves.

7. Unite with other vampires, but act covertly and often ambush - the frontal attack or mass fight outdoors is not for vampires, and better to avoid such situations.