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Our server has a consensual PvP (player versus player) concept.
There are normal peaceful human players and there are three combat factions: human [[Warrior]], [[Vampire]] and [[Werewolf]].
At the start, a player is normal human, and cannot combat with these factions. And other combat players cannot attack the human player, unless he chooses the combat faction (becomes a Warrior, Vampire or Werewolf).

When a player is in combat faction and is capable of PvP, a special visual PvP icon is displayed above players' head:

[img /images/Reference/pvp_flag.jpg /]

All players of combat factions have a right to fight in any place, even at Sanctuary Lands or private lands.


The damage strength of a player and the armor effectiveness depends on his chosen [[About the role-playing system|RPG class]] and differs from Vanilla values.



To prevent a premature escape from a battlefield using sudden client logoff, there's a special protection system on our server.
When a fight begins (i.e. first damage caused), a player gets a warning message in chat about the consequencies of leaving the game during the fight.
If a player log-offs or disconnects, his character remains in game for a certain period of time, receiving the damage from other fighters.
There's no special PvP behaviour for disconnected characters, just some simple reactions in a close combat.
The player can return to the game at any time and continue to fight, if his character wasn't killed while he was absent.
If the character gets killed, he drops all his loot, as if the actual player is killed.