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Rules of survival worlds

The survival worlds on Little Big Block are: "Midgard", "Frontier", "Midgard Nether" and "Frontier Nether".

1. In [[Midgard]], you are allowed to build only in architectural style of up to XIX century, including fairy-tale and fantasy architecture.
In [[Frontier]], you can build only modern (XX-XXI centuries) or futuristic ("from the future") creations.

2. Any ground or underground railways of any kind are forbidden:
a) between private lands of different owners,
b) between non-neighboring lands of one owner (but allowed on neighboring lands of one owner),
c) between official settlements.

3. Underground resource mining is allowed only in private mines (it's strongly recommended), or in case when the resources are the by-product of underground construction (structure, tunnel, cave design and so on).
In such a case, some normal buildings, urban lands or garden plots should be built (at least started building) on the ground of these lands.
The mines should be located no further than in 2 chunk lands of the rest of your house building or garden land.

4. A foundation of official settlements (towns) is governed by the "Code of Settlements". Unofficial settlements can be established by any player, but they will have a status of private lands.

5. A wipe of the Nether is possible once in two months. There's no wipe of Midgard and Frontier. But there's [[Autoclean]].

6. For all the players — especially for the Server Team Helpers — it is forbidden to use any administrative tools (editors, plugins, commands) for gaining the material assets or money in the survival worlds - for themselves or on behalf of other players, and also for intrusion into the game process, with exception of cases governed by the Internal Regulations.
Violation of this rule is leading to the permanent ban, regardless of the detection time.