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Rules of creative worlds

1. In [[Wonderland]] all architectural styles of buildings are allowed, including the old-fashion, contemporary, futuristic, fantasy etc.

2. Any ground or underground railways of any kind are forbidden:
a) between private lands of different owners,
b) between non-neighboring lands of one owner (but allowed on neighboring lands of one owner),
c) between official settlements.

3. Do not interfere in players' work. If the land owner or his friend ask you to leave, you should obey.

4. Comply with the principles of neighborliness and stick to common sense. If you decide to build in the vicinity of other player, than:

- Make sure that the creations of your neighbors don't contradict to your architectural idea. After all, these buildings will surround your work and affect the overall perception - that can both increase and decrease the value of your creation.
- Talk to your neighbors about their plans for development prior to the construction. Otherwise, you can disrupt their plans, which may cause non-gaming conflicts and quarrels in the future.
- If you failed to agree with the neighbors, but still decided to build, then be prepared that the Game Master can move your buildings to other location or delete them (if they're of no value), as per their complaint.

Specific features of creative worlds

1. Mob spawn is disabled, and continuous animal/mob keeping (farming) is forbidden in order to reduce the server load, and for no real need in them unlike the survival worlds.
Mobs in public game locations or for the traveling across the world is allowed, if there're no limitations in the rules of particular world.

2. There's no economics in the creative worlds — it's all already free there (or has a zero price). Placing of shops or any money sources is allowed only to the Server Team, but forbidden to other players.