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Regulations of the architecture

The basic principle

Each world, except the Nether, has its own theme setting, which should be followed. Otherwise, your building will be deleted or moved. In case of multiple violations of the "Regulations of the architecture," the player can get a permanent ban.

Stop List

This is a list of buildings that are banned on the server in all worlds, except for the Nether.
All buildings listed in the stop-list are removed without notice, and the lands are confiscated, irrespective of time spent on the construction, money, or a number of friends or town residents.

It is also recommended to report about the buildings from the stop list seen anywhere, in the forum section "Cleaning of the lands."


Simple building with a minimum of details or no details, more akin to simple geometric shapes (boxes, pyramids, cones, spheres etc.) than to real buildings; and/or buildings constructed of the single material ''(not including doors, glass or stained glass, bars and fences)''.

One example of "boxes":

[img /images/Reference/primitives_village.jpg /]


- Poles, narrow towers, platforms "for the foundation", detached walls, abandoned buildings, water or lava spilled on the surface, and other meaningless things.
- Holes, ditches, open cuts, mines and pits.


- "Pixel Art" (pictures and flat "statues" of blocks, often of one-block thickness).
Exceptions: frescoes or mosaics are allowed, made for large buildings or squares and based on the settings of the world; patterns and ornaments are also allowed.

- Any inscriptions made from blocks or other objects (you should write only on signs).

- Statues of any vanilla Minecraft mobs or Herobrine larger than 3x3x3 blocks.
Note: larger statues of monsters, animals, and people who are not related to the vanilla Minecraft are allowed.

- Any flags and other symbols of real states or nations (the USA, the EU, Russia and others), as well as any swastika.