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General server rules

General server rules are valid in all worlds and are mandatory.
Some additional specific rules exist which are mandatory, in particular [[Regulations of the architecture]], [[Rules of survival worlds]], [[Rules of creative worlds]] and [[Code of settlements]].

About the server accounts

1.1 It is forbidden to use more than one character for the player, or send someone your login and password, including Game Masters, friends, family members and relatives.

1.2. It is forbidden to use nicknames offensive to others, as well as obscene or provocative nicknames.

About the technical part

2.1. Prohibited any modifications of the client, including the textures (you can use the texture-packs included in the client).

2.2. It is forbidden to exploit errors / flaws of the game client and server, as well as using third-party programs or other fraudulent ways and means to benefit or to harm the players and the server. Hiding the information on such violations and violators is equivalent to complicity.

The behavior and communication

3.1 The main language on the server is English. Optional is Russian, which is only allowed when dealing with players who do not know the English language. Prohibited false statements about your ignorance of the English or Russian languages.

3.2. Prohibited antisocial behavior: any insults, rudeness, threats, trolling, typing in capital letters in the general chat ("caps"), as well as flooding and swearing in chat, on the signs and so on. Including different languages.

3.3. Prohibited complaints and any comments about lags in chat.

3.4. Prohibited requests to the Game Masters and the Server Team, such as - to give, sell or purchase items or blocks; to teleport (doesn't matter whom and where); to get out of the trap (pit, cave, someone else's buildings etc.); to change the weather or time of day; to return any items lost due to death (the reason doesn't matter) and to compensate for any damage; to give or sell "admin rights".

About gameplay

4.1. It is forbidden to destroy or change someone else's buildings without the permission of the land owner, Game Masters, the Server Team, or the head of the official settlement, part of which is the building.

4.2. It is forbidden to buy land without the normal building on the surface of each section. However, the creation of unbuilt boundaries of width 1-2 lands around their land with buildings is allowed, with mandatory landscape design of these border lands.

4.3. It is forbidden to build pulsing redstone circuitry or devices (flashing lights, etc.), resulting in a heavy load on the server and lags. In addition, any Redstone circuit may be removed by the Server Team or Game Master.

The special regulation

5.1. In order to prevent or correct any problems in the game, and for the benefit of a separate game world or the server as a whole, the Server Team reserves the right to issue any recommendations, requirements, conditions and actions that are not described by the rules.